We are you local Wood Fence Company offering wood fencing in Hickory, NC. The location of our company makes it convenient for us to travel anywhere in and around Hickory to install fences.

We offer a variety of wood fence types

1. Picket Fence

3 Rail Saddle Picket Fence Hickory NC

3 Rail Saddle Picket Fence Hickory NC

Having a white picket fence around your home is something many people dream about. Your property will benefit from a picket fence both aesthetically and functionally. The experience we have as privacy fence installers of picket fences allows us to help you get the most out of your project.

  • High-Quality Materials: The wood we use for your fence is of the highest quality, ensuring that it will last for decades to come. No matter what the weather is like, your fence will remain sturdy and strong.
    Increases Home Value: The value of your home increases with a beautiful and durable picket fence surrounding it.
  • Retro & Modern Look: A picket fence is known for its classic look, but we can also give your fence a modern twist by using unique colors.

Depending on your privacy and security needs, the fence height can be adjusted.

2. Shadowbox Fence

The shadowbox fence is known for its unique style of privacy in Hickory, NC and is one of the most popular fences we design and install. Pickets will be attached on alternate sides of the fence by our wood fence installers. Pickets can be 2 to 3 inches apart, and there are small spaces between them. In addition to protecting your yard from view, these fences keep your children and pets in. There are a number of benefits, including:

  • A great visual appeal
  • On both sides, the fence appears the same
  • Pickets alternated for greater durability
  • The window can be peered through by children and pets

This fence can be customized based on the wood type, staining, and color. It is one of the most common customizations for shadowbox fences to have a convex panel top.

3. Ranch Rail Fence

Ranch Rail Fence With Welded Wire Hickory

Ranch Rail Fence With Welded Wire Hickory

Ranch rail fences, farm fences, and agriculture fences are made of wooden posts that are spaced apart to create an open and airy appearance. We can design your wood fence to provide adequate privacy and protection when you hire us as your wood fence company. Despite its lack of closed-off privacy, this fence offers these advantages:

  • Put your property lines on display in a simple manner
  • Less material is required, resulting in a more cost-effective solution
  • Enhances the rustic look
  • Chicken wire makes it easy to upgrade

4. Farm Fence

Crossbuck Horse Fence For Farms and Ranches Hickory

Crossbuck Horse Fence For Farms and Ranches Hickory

Are you the owner of a large farm with acres and acres of land? Do you need a wood fence company to install a farm fence? A farm fence provides many benefits, including improved curb appeal, security, and privacy. Among the benefits of a farm fence that we can design and build are:

  • Keeping Livestock Safe: Predators should not be allowed to harm your livestock or property.
  • Keep Your Animals In: Keeping free-range animals inside is possible with our durable barriers.
  • Privacy & Protection: Make sure your family and property are protected from intruders and are kept private.

5. Wood Privacy Fence

Saddle Privacy Fence With French Gothic Posts Hickory

Saddle Privacy Fence With French Gothic Posts Hickory

The popularity of wood privacy fences is widespread. We design and build privacy fences that add curb appeal and security to Atlanta homes and businesses. Depending on your fencing needs, we will design a fence that meets those needs. These fences offer a number of advantages, including:

  • Versatility: You can choose from a variety of wood types. It is then possible to choose paints and stains. Based on your style, budget, and needs, we can cut wood to different widths, styles, and heights.
  • Privacy: Due to their structure, wooden fences naturally provide privacy.
  • Security: For additional security, we can install tall wood fence panels to keep intruders away.
  • Durability: At more affordable prices, wood privacy fences provide reliable durability.

6. Privacy Lattice Fence

Custom Lattice Screen With Trellis Fence Hickory

Custom Lattice Screen With Trellis Fence Hickory

Fence installers from our company custom-build privacy lattice fences. Whether you want to surround a deck or patio with a fence or a screen, we offer versatile options. The following are some of the key benefits of choosing our wood fencing services for these fences throughout Hickory:

  • We offer lattice privacy fences and screens if you love nature or spending time outside.
  • Breezes are allowed to flow through these fences.
  • Floors and walls will be adorned with beautiful patterns created by sunlight passing through the fence. As well as climbing plants like wisteria and star jasmine, these fences also host passion fruit plants.

7. Board-On-Board Fence

Board on board privacy fence with lattice top harbor mist stained Hickory

Board on board privacy fence with lattice top harbor mist stained Hickory

Using an overlapping pattern of vertical pickets, we design and build board-on-board fencing. To create a gap between the fence rails, each alternate board is fixed to the opposite side. You will benefit from having your wood fence company install these wooden fences in the following ways:

  • Secure & sturdy
  • A wide range of materials are available. There are various premium quality materials available, including western red cedar, southern yellow pine, and others.

8. Horizontal Privacy Fence

Horizontal-Privacy Fence With Black Fascia And Posts Hickory

Horizontal-Privacy Fence With Black Fascia And Posts Hickory

As compared to classic wood fencing, horizontal privacy fences run lengthwise and have less bracing. Posts are cemented into the ground, trim boards are used, and fence boards are used. In order to get the perfect look, wood fence contractors must be chosen carefully. You can benefit from these wood fences in the following ways:

Several different types of fencing are available, including board-on-board, spaced board, split rail, stockade, picket, and paddock fencing.

  • Personalized services
  • Effortless installation
  • Stainability
  • Eco-friendly
  • It is more affordable and easier to maintain than other fences.
  • Adapts to different settings

9. Cedar Fence

Custom Cedar Colonial Privacy Fence Hickory

Custom Cedar Colonial Privacy Fence Hickory

In terms of privacy fence materials, cedar is the most popular choice among fence installers. The product is known for its long-lasting and beautiful appearance. Here are a few of its main aesthetic features:

  • Cedar has fewer knots.
  • It stands out for its red hue.
  • It is cherished for its tight grain.

There is no shrinkage or warping with cedar privacy fences. Cedar is less resistant to decay and insects than treated wood. Our tall cedar fence panels are perfect for providing privacy. From both inside and outside, cedar fences have a finished look thanks to the shadowbox style.

All of these types of wood privacy fences are available from Summit Fence. Our company has been installing privacy fences for over 30 years. In Atlanta, we install fences for residential and commercial properties. Get in touch with one of our wood privacy fence experts.

We Offer Trusted Fencing Services in Hickory, NC:

Chose Fence Style

In order to create an attractive fence, we consider your preferences and location. For Commercial Residential fencing, you can choose between wood fences, picket fences, or metal fences. A beautiful ornamental fence is also available from us.(Don’t forget, we install chainlink fencing in Hickory as well!)

Order Fence

You can get a free fence estimate from our fence specialist by visiting your property. In addition to competitive fence prices, we offer a 5-year workmanship warranty on our premium quality materials. You can also finance the fence, so you just need to order it.

Fast Fence Installation

Our team begins installing the fence according to your instructions. We have been providing fencing services for over 30 years. Providing fence services in Hickory, NC.